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Congratulations to the newly elected Chapter Officers for 2023-2024

Updated: Jan 23

On November 5, 2022, Beta Phi Omega Chapter elected new officers for the next two years. The 2023-2024 officers are pictured below.

Bottom Row: (left to right) Sandra Woodard, Hostess-elect, Linda Cobbs, Treasurer-Elect, Carla Simpson, Vice President-Elect, Crystal Delaney, President-Elect, Crystal Williams, 2nd Vice President-Elect, Ann Caroline, Keeper of the Door-Elect, Rochelle Washington, Chaplain-Elect

Top Row: (left to right) Kerisha Tillmon, Assistant Treasurer-Elect, LaShica Velazquez, Ivy Leaf Reporter-Elect, Cheryl Smiley, Recording Secretary-Elect, Valerie Green Powers, Assistant Financial Secretary-Elect, Rashunn Washington, Corresponding Secretary-Elect, Tonya Boxley, Assistant Recording-Elect. Not Pictured: Alice Gatson, Financial Secretary-Elect.

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